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Drug Testing

A drug testing program is an effective way for employers to ensure their employees stay healthy and safe. Here are three important reasons for a drug and alcohol screening program in the workplace:

Promotes a Safe Workplace

Drug use at work has some negative impacts on the safety of the employees:

– Impaired decision making

– Reduced reaction time

– Increased accident rates

Alcohol and drug use during work, impairs the judgment of the users and can lead to twice as many incidents and workers’ compensation claims. Drug testing allows for only those workers who have shown that they are not using or abusing drugs to be operating heavy machinery or handling sensitive workplace information.

Increases Productivity

Studies show that drug use by employees decreases their productivity significantly. This results in:

– Low Morale
– Absenteeism

High employee absenteeism appears to be reduced by drug testing programs as well. Additionally, employees will know that the company is committed to providing a safe work environment, which will increase employee morale.

Lowers Costs for Employers

For employers, drug testing benefits them in two ways:

– Lowers Costs for Employees
– Promotes the proper work culture

For employers, conducting pre-employment drug screenings is a great way to significantly reduce costly turnovers due to drug use. Having a known drug-free workplace policy promotes a positive work culture, which makes your business a desirable place for your employees.

The benefits of conducting drug testing far outweigh the costs. The increased safety and productivity and the lack of drug in the workplace make for a much healthier, safer, and more positive environment for the employees. Simply noting that your company performs drug testing is usually enough to dissuade drug users from applying to your company.

Our Occupational Testing Technicians are trained and have their Specimen Collector Certification, and DOT Specimen Collector certification with The Drug & Alcohol Testing Association of Canada (DATAC) following the Department of Transportation standards, and on all testing equipment that we use, to ensure reliable and accurate results. 

At 4 Points Safety Parkland, we offer a variety of drug testing services

Express (POCT) screening offers employers instant, same-day results. Methods of testing are urine and oral fluid. This is often the preferred for pre-employment, pre-access, post-incident, random, and reasonable cause.

Lab based (DOT and Non-DOT) testing is legally defensible. Methods of testing are urine, hair follicle, and oral fluid. 

4 Points Safety Parkland employs the services of Dynacare-Gamma Laboratory and our own Medical Review Officer. 

Results are delivered through Veriport, a fast and reliable database that allows you, the Designated Employer Representative (DER), to access your employees results and clearance cards with ease. You can tailor reports to your needs to ensure you get the exact information you are looking for. 

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    Breath Alcohol Testing

    Alcohol testing is best performed using a breath alcohol test that determines the concentration of alcohol in a breath sample. A breath alcohol test detects the current level of intoxication by measuring the alcohol in breath exhaled.

    Breath alcohol testing is the most common method used to detect alcohol. The process is non-invasive and simple. This method generates legally defensible results to ensure that both employer and employee rights are protected.

    Our breath alcohol technicians are highly trained, and hold their Breath Alcohol Technician Certification, as well as certifications on the specific breathalyzer equipment they use. Our technicians are certified to complete testing using D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) testing standards. Our technicians understand the importance of an accurate result and ensure that proper procedures are followed for each and every test.

    We have the ability to immediately detect breath alcohol levels. Our accurate alcohol breath testers typically complete the testing process in a few minutes. 4 Points Safety Parkland offers both alcohol screening tests and breath alcohol confirmation tests.


    The main purpose of introducing audiometric testing into a workplace is to identify any hearing limitations that may present a risk to individuals operating in safety-sensitive roles or environments where hearing is an essential requirement of safe work.

    Employers who proactively take steps to address noise exposure achieve greater financial success and operational stability, and promote a culture of productivity and safety.

    Audiometric testing helps determine if there are any early indications of noise-induced hearing loss.  Because occupational hearing loss happens gradually over time, workers often fail to notice changes in their hearing ability until a relatively large change occurs. By comparing audiometric tests from past years, early changes can be detected and appropriate protective measures can be implemented to prevent further damage.  In addition, overall results can be compared from year to year to identify trends within occupations or between different departments at the workplace.

    At 4 Points Safety, we are looking to stay on top of the latest technologies available for our occupational testing methods. We have adopted the SHOEBOX Audiometry system. SHOEBOX is the first clinically validated audiometer. It is calibrated to ANSI S3.6, and also meets ANSI S3.1 for testing outside of a sound booth, and compliant with OSHA 29 CFR, FDA, Health Canada, and CE listed; ISO-certified, and HIPAA compliant. 

    Our Audiometric Technicians are trained on the testing equipment and have completed their certification in Industrial Audiometry through the THM Industrial Audiology Group. 

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      Mask Fit

      Mask Fit Testing refers to a professional fit of safety masks, to ensure that the participant is wearing the proper mask size and type of mask for the shape of their face/head. A proper mask fit ensures that the ‘particulates’ in the air, which may be harmful if aspirated, are filtered by the mask properly, and that no leaks occur around the seal of the mask.

      4 Points Safety Parkland has a variety of masks available however you can bring your own mask as well just indicate what mask you will need testing on in your form.

      Upon Successful completion that participant will receive a card indicating what mask they were fitted with and its size. Their employer will receive a record of training as a report that they can use for record-keeping purposes.

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      Fill out our form below to inquire about booking dates for all of our available testing options.